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Hygiene Services: Products we Carry

Hygienic spaces help to promote healthy and safe work and social environments, which in turn leads to increased well being and productivity.

At Shining Knight, we understand the importance of consistently maintaining a hygienic environment in your professional and personal spaces. However, this is only possible through implementing effective hygiene programmes, routine maintenance and the use of quality sanitation products. We believe in providing the highest quality sanitation products to our clients, and are actively searching the globe, consistently striving to bring the best products to you.

We place an emphasis on safe, innovative products that are convenient and easy to use. The sanitation products we carry include:

  • Airoma – A fragranced malodour neutraliser designed to freshen rooms and eliminate odours. Airoma is effective in room sizes up to 200m3. Airoma is ideal for washrooms, offices, lunch rooms, care homes, childcare facilities, reception areas, gymnasiums, school classrooms, or anywhere fragrance is required.


  • Quadrasan – A leading toilet and urinal sanitiser, Quadrasan delivers powerful concentrated cleaning and sanitising agents to the toilet bowl or urinal during each flush. Quadrasan eliminates malodours, prevents the formation of scale and organic build up, and helps prevent unsightly stains. Quadrasan is available in a foaming formulation (Quadrasan 300), or a chemical-free enzyme based formulation (QuadrasanBiosolve).


  • Safeseat Surface Sanitiser–A powerful sanitiser that kills 99.99% of most common germs. Safeseat Sanitiser is safe and effective on most surfaces including toilet seats & fixtures, sinks, taps, waste bins, bench tops, food preparation sites and baby change tables. Safeseat Surface Sanitiser is ideal for offices, childcare facilities, aged care facilities, health centres, or anywhere that has surfaces that may harbor germs or bacteria.


  • Sanitex – A high quality, lightly fragranced soap suitable for all skin types. Sanitiex has been dermatologically tested and is suitable for frequent hand washing. Sanitex comes in liquid soap, foam soap, antibacterial liquid gel hand sanitiser and antibacterial foam soap formats. It is suitable for washrooms, kitchens, offices and any other area that requires hand washing or hand sanitation.


  • Femcare – FemcareHygiene Bins promote feminine hygiene by containing toxic substances and eliminating odours. Femcare Hygiene Bins open automatically helping to control cross contamination in the washroom. They come with removable, replaceable liners that are safe, non-toxic and biodegradable.