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At Shining Knight, delivering exceptional service is one part of the equation. Our approach is always to first work in partnership with our clients to create the right solution.

We will go above and beyond to understand your business and work collaboratively with you to always search for a better way.

Shining Knight Facility Services devices are always at the cutting edge. We are always up to date with the latest developments & innovations. Attending the latest global conferences whereby we can see what the Europeans and Americans are up to.

An outside of the box solution that we recently gave to our clients was that through our amazing cleaning programs, systems and techniques we were able to reduce the absenteeism rate of our clients personnel by an average of 50%. One client recorded a reduction of 75%, quite an impressive reduction and significant cost saving to their business.  Let’s just say they were extremely impressed!  Call us now to ask as how we can do this for you 1300 860 110.

At Shining Knight Facility Services, we are always challenging best practice and searching for better ways to perform tasks. This has lead us to a recent collaboration with the CSIRO, where we are developing a range of 100% biodegradable chemicals that degrade in a reasonable timeframe. Unlike the current chemicals on the market that can take up to 50 years to fully degrade. Shining Knight is also investigating new research with ultra microfibre & steam technology which in most cases eliminates the use of chemicals altogether.