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Indigenous Services

Shining Knight Indigenous Services is an innovative, exciting new division of Shining Knight Facility Services. Shining Knight Indigenous Services draws on the fantastic 20 years’ experience of it’s award winning  parent company Shining Knight to provide high quality services in cleaning, maintenance, security, hygiene, waste management, recycling management, grounds and garden maintenance and an online shop.  Shining Knight Facility Services has just won the 2015 National Australian Achiever Awards for Excellence in Customer Service.

Shining Knight Indigenous Services major aim is to create amazing opportunities for indigenous people through training, employment and encouragement. Shining Knight Indigenous Services is a joint venture with Dean Wynne and Arthur Calcatjicos. Dean has been employed with Shining Knight for many years and we provide a culture of promotion within our organisation thereby embarking on a joint venture. Indigenous Australians will be nurtured and cultivated to achieve personal and professional success  Shining Knight Indigenous Services provides a platform to help encourage the indigenous community to reach for the stars and achieve their dreams by providing amazing opportunities.

Our services include the following:

> Cleaning
> Maintenance
> Hygiene
> Security
> Grounds and Garden Maintenance
> Waste Management
> Recycling Systems and Management
> 24/7 Emergency Response