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Hygiene Services: Business & Recreational Facilities

Proper hygiene and sanitary services are central to the functioning of any office building, commercial space or recreational facility. For most people, the office is the most common area for contracting colds, flus and viruses. Reducing the risk of cross contaminationamongst staff in the workplace is crucial to minimising absenteeismand improving productivity.

Poor workplace hygiene is the biggest contributor to employee sickleave. Providing the correct equipment, combined with education andpromotion of the importance of regular hygiene habits can make asignificant impact on the health of your workplace.

Because of the high number of visitors, recreational facilities can also contribute to illness and cross contamination.

With Shining Knight as your services partner we can help minimise cross contamination in your office or recreational space and increase hygiene levels among staff members and visitors through our sanitary services programmes.

Our team of experts will assess your office or recreational space to determine the areas where hygienic services are most critical and implement a system to promote hygiene and control cross contamination.

Our hygienic solutions for offices and recreational areas include:

Washrooms & Changing Rooms – Autotowel, Autosoap, Jumboroll, Safeseat, Quadrasan, Airoma, Wastecare, Femcare

Desks, Equipment & Copiers – Sanitisers, Alcohol Wipes, Spilpaks, Tissue-Paks

Reception & Waiting Areas – Sanitisers, Alcohol Wipes, Spilpaks, Tissue-Paks

Exercise Equipment – Sanitisers, Alcohol Wipes, Spilpaks, Airoma