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Hygiene Services: Hospitality & Food Preparation Facilities

Proper hygiene is essential to hospitality and food and beverage preparation facilities. No other type of industry uses more hygiene consumables on a day today basis than these industries. Shining Knight recognises the challenges of maintaining or reducing these consumable costs and has developed programmes to specifically target these requirements. We provide hygienic solutions for lodging facilities, cafes, bars, restaurants and food and beverage production facilities.

We recognise the importance of effective hygiene both in the “front of house” and “back of house” and provide suitable sanitary solutions for both areas. Our primary goals are to control cross contamination, reduce cost and reduce waste whilst helping you to maintain your professional appearance.

We will work with you to create a customised hygiene and sanitation plan to suit your facilities and specific needs. Through a well implemented hygienic system, you will be able to provide a healthier, more sanitary environment for your staff and customers, whilst controlling cross contamination. This will help to increase productivity and decrease absenteeism related to staff illness.

Our hygienic solutions for hospitality and food preparation facilities include:

Kitchen & Production Equipment – Autotowel, Autosoap, Wastecare, Sanitisers

Washrooms – Autotowel, Autosoap, Jumboroll, Safeseat, Quadrasan, Airoma, Wastecare, Femcare

Reception & Waiting Areas – Sanitisers, Airoma, Spilpaks, Tissue-Paks