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Hygiene Services: Health & Veterinary Centres

Healthcare and Veterinary Centres have several unique requirements for theprovision of hygiene. The most important requirement is to minimisecross-contamination between the three key groups; staff, customersand patients as they interact with each other and equipmentthroughout the facility. The scale and frequency of hygiene equipmentuse within healthcare facilities also demands a concise approach tocost and waste reduction.

Proper hygiene is essential to the health and wellbeing of patients and staff in health and veterinary centres. At Shining Knight we have extensive experience working health and veterinary centres to provide the highest levels of sanitation. We will work with you to identify areas at risk of cross contamination and provide solutions to minimise and control this problem. Through the use of sanitising stations at entrances and exits, motion activated dispensers and routine washroom maintenance, we can create a healthier, more hygienic environment for any health or veterinary clinic.

Our hygienic solutions for health and veterinary centres include:

Washrooms– Autotowel, Autosoap, Jumboroll, Safeseat, Quadrasan, Airoma, Wastecare, Femcare

Reception & Waiting Areas – Sanitisers, Airoma, Spilpaks, Tissue-Paks

Theatre & Consult Wards – Intuis touch-free system, Sanitisers, Spilpaks, Airoma, Wastecare