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About Shining Knight: Our Vision & Core Purpose

Our Vision will be realised by consistently leading the market and exceeding the expectations of our clients, which in turn will be achieved by our:

  • Passion for doing and being the best, always.
  • Ability to Engage with and Understand the needs of our client’s business.
  • Willingness to Adapt and respond to the needs of clients.
  • Adopting a Safety First policy throughout all our operations.
  • Environmental Initiatives in facility services, partnering with Green Fleet to offset our emissions
  • Capabilities – focusing on continuous improvement and developing industry best
    practice systems of work.
  • Innovation – discovering new ways to be more efficient, more effective and more environmentally friendly.
  • Recognising the value and importance of selecting and developing our most impor tant asset of all – our people.

At Shining Knight our guarantee is to provide Better Facility Services, with Care.