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Our Services: Introduction

Our customer base includes organisations of all sizes and types for which we customise and provide a complete cleaning and hygiene packaged services and solutions.

Our ability to exceed our clients’ expectations is achieved by the close relationships and partnerships we form with our clients.

Our full range of facility services include, Hygiene and Sanitary, Test and Tagging, Waste Management and supply of all paper products and consumables.

We are dedicated to providing the absolute best standard of cleaning and facility services. We have developed a system where highly trained staff, quality cleaning methods and a dependable team of professionals comes together to deliver exceptional commercial cleaning and facility services.

Our comprehensive range of facility services includes:

Commercial Cleaning

We provide organisations of all sizes and types with a complete commercial cleaning package, and we pride ourselves on our high level of customer satisfaction and retention. Our rapidly expanding client base is testament to our quality of service, and we have never lost a client due to dissatisfaction.
We will work closely with you to understand your business and establish cleaning systems and protocols that enable us to perform a thorough service and to provide a clean and comfortable environment for your customers and employees while enhancing the image and appearance of your premises.
Our cleaning services include:

- Contract cleaning
- Steam cleaning, deodorizing and sanitizing (carpet and upholstery)
- Window cleaning to any height, including abseiling
- Stripping, sealing and polishing of all types of hard floors
- Tile and grout cleaning
- Flood, fire and storm damage restoration
- Graffiti removal
- Consulting

Shining Knight Cleaning is committed to working alongside your management team and staff in a team environment, and we will continually strive to exceed your expectation and to achieve and maintain a high level of cleanliness throughout your site.

Our key commercial cleaning service objectives are:

- Provide a quality-driven cleaning service which achieves a hygienic standard of cleaning in line with your expectations.
- Provide a high standard of cleaning which promotes a positive image of your company to all clients, visitors and staff.
- Maintain a safe environment for your staff, clients and visitors through safe work practices, including the use of recognised risk management systems.
- Provide all facility services in a manner that does not interfere with the daily work of your staff.

Hygiene & Consumables
Hygiene services (e.g. ladies sanitary bins, air fresheners, urinal and WC washes, hand soap and dispensers, sharps bins/disposal and nappy bins) and supply of all consumables (e.g. toilet paper, hand towel and bin liners).

Waste Management
Waste Services being the supply and removal of general, recycling and co-mingled bins.

Property Maintenance
Shining Knight can be provide a range of on call property maintenance services
And we are now adding additional facility services to our business, including Security & Pest Control.